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7 Things To Do When You Lose Your Car Keys

Losing your car keys can be a frustrating experience. It often happens at the most inconvenient times and can leave you feeling stranded. Butinstead of panicking, it’s important to take a step back and address the situation calmly. With a practical approach, you can resolve this issue without much hassle. Let’s discuss the steps you can take when you lose your car keys.

1. Ruling Out Misplacement

First, it is important to ensure that your keys are indeed lost and that it’s not just a case of misplacement. So, take time to search in less-obvious spots like:

  • The fridge or pantry (yes, it happens)
  • In the washing machine or tucked inside recently laundered clothes
  • The rubbish bin (they could’ve accidentally fallen in)
  • Inside your shoes

2. Backup Keys

If you’ve conducted a thorough search and still couldn’t find the keys, consider your backup. Did you have the foresight to have a duplicate key made? If you did, and it’s readily accessible, this could save you a lot of trouble.

Contact people who might be holding a duplicate key. If they are unable to bring the key to you, check if it’s feasible for you to reach them.

3. Digital Assistance

For those with modern vehicles, there might be digital solutions. Certain car brands offer digital services that can unlock your car remotely. If you’ve subscribed to these services, now is the time to use them.

4. Keyless Entry And Starting Systems

Certain modern vehicles come equipped with keyless entry and start systems, which can be a lifesaver when traditional keys are lost. If your car has this feature, you might be able to use a combination of a mobile app and a PIN to get back on the road.

5. Review Your Car Insurance

Before making any significant decisions, take a look at your car insurance policy. Certain policies include key replacement, so you might be covered already. If you’re not sure about your coverage, contact your insurance provider for clarification.

6. Car Dealerships

As a last resort, your car dealership may be able to provide a replacement key, especially for newer models. However, this process can often take longer and require you to provide proof of ownership.

7. Contact A Locksmith

A reliable locksmith can replace your car keys, often with much less hassle than you’d expect. When choosing a locksmith, make sure they can handle the type of keys your car uses.

Get A Duplicate Car Key

After resolving the immediate issue of lost keys, consider getting a duplicate made. A spare key can save you from future lockout situations and give you peace of mind.

Replacement For Lost Keys In Port Macquarie

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