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Ignition & Car Door Locks 2 — All Pro Locksmiths in Port Macquarie, NSW

Whether your key has broken off in the ignition, your car’s central locking is malfunctioning, or you simply want a spare key, All Pro Locksmiths has got you covered. Our key cutters in Port Macquarie are able to provide comprehensive repairs for malfunctioning door locks. Repair and replacement services for ignition barrels are also available.

 Should your car’s ignition system need comprehensive repairs or a complete replacement, we will make sure you can still use your existing key – so you don’t need separate keys for ignition and doors. When it comes to prompt, efficient and affordable key cutting, All Pro Locksmiths is the obvious choice.

We are able to create replacement keys that are fully integrated with your remote central locking system. Key cutting for motorcycles is also available. 

Call All Pro Locksmiths today. In addition to Port Macquarie, we service the entire Mid North Coast.

Lock and Ignition Services

Our skilled Port Macquarie car locksmiths provide the following services:

Plus, much more!

If you have any questions about the kinds of work we undertake, or want to request a service, don’t hesitate to call us today. We’ll do everything we can to get you back on the road safely.

Lost Vehicle Keys — All Pro Locksmiths in Port Macquarie, NSW

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my key no longer working in my ignition?

A number of factors could be causing this. It may be that the wafers in your locking mechanism are misaligned and need to be replaced. Alternatively, it could be that your key has simply worn down. In most instances, a qualified key cutter should be able to promptly diagnose the issue and provide you with the necessary replacement.

Why is my car’s central locking system not working?

The problem could come down to your key fob battery needing to be replaced. However, other issues that could be causing your central locking system to malfunction include a blown fuse, a broken solenoid in the locking system, or a disconnected wire. A qualified locksmith should be able to promptly discover the cause of the issue and recommend the appropriate fix.

Will my insurance cover lost or broken keys?

Some insurers provide key cover as standard. Others only provide it as an add-on or as part of an upgraded policy. It is advisable to check your policy or enquire with your insurance provider.