Our Motorcycle Locksmith Services

At All Pro Locksmiths, we can provide the following services for motorcycle drivers:

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Motorcycle On The Road — All Pro Locksmiths in Port Macquarie, NSW

Motorbike Key Replacement Professionals

Motorcycle Lost Keys — All Pro Locksmiths in Port Macquarie, NSW

Whether you’ve lost your motorcycle key, or it’s broken off in the ignition, All Pro Locksmiths will come to your rescue. Servicing Port Macquarie and the entire Mid North Coast, we provide prompt and reliable mobile key cutting services for virtually all motorcycle makes
and models.

Digital services are also provided by our expert team. You can count on us to extract the key registry data from your ECU and provide you with a new smart key. We are also able to program replacement master keys, and our equipment enables us to decode keys promptly and efficiently. If required, we can even provide complete resets for engine control units.

To organise a service with our motorcycle key cutters in Port Macquarie, don’t hesitate to call us today. Key cutting for cars is also available, and we provide all of our services at highly competitive rates.

Motorcyle Key Creation

Replacing a master key through your motorcycle’s manufacturer can be an expensive and frustrating process.

Thankfully, at All Pro Locksmiths, we provide a much more affordable and faster solution with modern diagnostic and key cutting equipment that can create a master key. We can even use an ignition cylinder code to create a new key that is an exact replica.

We always aim to provide fast and efficient key replacement and locksmith services, so you can be back on the road as quickly as possible.

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Motorbike Key Inserted To The Big Bike — All Pro Locksmiths in Port Macquarie, NSW

Motorcycle Key Replacement

Having the keys to your motorbike stolen, or realising they are lost, can be an extremely worrying and violating situation.

Our reprogramming services are able to record your transponder key and reset your ECU. This ensures your old key will no longer work for your motorcycle and you can have the utmost confidence in the security of your motorcycle once again.

We also provide on-site key cutting so if you have lost your key whilst in a busy area, and you can no longer access your vehicle, we can cut a new key for you. This ensures you can arrive at your desired destination safely with your motorcycle and do not have to leave it unattended.

Key Cloning For Motorcycles

At All Pro Locksmiths, we can clone master and non-master keys extremely quickly. During this process, we use the data that is contained in your key to create a new key that exactly matches the original.

This ensures any electrical locking systems within your motorbike can’t distinguish between the two keys. This is useful if you wish to own more than one set of keys for your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Ignition Action Inserting The Key And Starting The Engine — All Pro Locksmiths in Port Macquarie, NSW
Professional Mechanic Doing Repairs On A Motorbike — All Pro Locksmiths in Port Macquarie, NSW

Vehicle Immobilisation Services

The majority of motorcycles have immobilisers in their engine that act as anti-theft devices. They are typically triggered when an ignition key is removed as this prevents the engine from operating.

If your vehicle has become immobile, and you have proof of ownership of the motorcycle, we can help you get your motorcycle back up and running again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to cut a motorcycle key?

In most instances, standard key cutting can be completed in just a few minutes. However, if more complex operations are required – such as data extraction, smart key programming, etc. – the process may take slightly longer.

How will a locksmith produce a new key for my motorcycle without the original?

In most cases, a locksmith should be able to produce a new key via the ignition cylinder code.

Are motorcycle keys chipped?

Most motorcycle keys today contain microchips. The most common motorcycle makes that contain transponder chips are Yamaha, Vespa, and Honda. If you have a chipped motorcycle key that is missing, or no longer functioning, your locksmith will have to provide a programming service.