How To Remove A Broken Key From Your Ignition

Unfortunately, a key can become stuck in your ignition at the most inconvenient of times. For example, a key may break in your ignition when you are running late for work or urgently need to drive and meet a family member. In this blog post, we cover what to do if your key breaks in your ignition and explore what may have caused the key to break.

What To Do If A Key Breaks In Your Ignition

1. Gently Move The Key

If any part of the key is still visible and can be touched, start to gently move the key back and forth. Whist gently jiggling the key, use your other hand to apply pressure to the lock cylinder and the key may become loose. It is important to attempt this gently, as too much pressure will simply cause the key to become stuck further in the ignition.

2. Use Tweezers or Pliers

Another method you can attempt is to use pliers or tweezers to slowly pull the key from where it is stuck. This, however, will only be possible if enough of the key is outside of the ignition. Remember to pull slowly or you may risk damaging your ignition.

3. Call An Expert Auto Locksmith

If none of the above methods are working for you, or you don’t want to risk damaging your ignition, the best solution is often calling an expert locksmith. Auto locksmiths will be able to remove the key safely, provide any necessary ignition barrel repair and replacement services and create a new replacement key. This ensures the broken key is removed safely and you can continue with your day as soon as possible.

Car Keys Stuck In Ignition

What Causes A Key To Get Stuck In The Ignition?

A key may snap in the ignition due to multiple reasons, including…

The Key

A key may snap due to its poor quality and condition. Although we use our keys on a daily basis, we rarely take the time to look at them and assess how strong or worn they may be. It is advisable to check your keys on a regular basis to ensure they are in useable condition.

The Ignition

A key can also become stuck due to issues with the ignition barrel of a vehicle. For example, the spring which pins your ignition into the correct position may be faulty or something else, such as rubbish or debris, may be stuck in the ignition, causing it to malfunction.

The Vehicle

A further reason why a key may become stuck is due to an issue with your steering wheel. Many steering wheels can become locked in place when a key is removed from the ignition and this process can become defective, resulting in the ignition locking a key incorrectly.

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