Car Key Replacement: Auto Locksmith or Dealership?

Being locked out of your car by accident or losing your car keys is never fun. There are several ways you can get back into your car when you’re locked out, but not all of them are easy. If you’re lucky, you might have a family member or friend who is kind enough to fetch that extra key for you. If you aren’t so fortunate and don’t have a spare key, however, you’ll probably have to make a service call or two before you can get back on with your day.

In this case, you have two options. You can call a dealership or an auto locksmith. Although both options have similar outcomes, their experiences are not quite the same. Choosing a dealer in this scenario can be a headache for various reasons, so let’s take a look at why the best option is to call a locksmith.

Who’s Faster When Locked Out?

In most cases, your dealership will be able to give you a replacement key if you’ve locked your own set in your car. However, they don’t have any other means of getting into the vehicle, so if you’re in a rush and aren’t anywhere near your dealership, this isn’t ideal. An auto locksmith, however, will be able to open your car door lock without the need for a new key, so if you want to get moving again and fast, locksmiths are the best choice, especially in an emergency.

If you’ve ever used roadside assistance before, you’ll know dealerships are the last place they will call if you’ve locked your keys in your vehicle. Dealerships simply aren’t equipped to handle the problem promptly, so you are better off contacting an auto locksmith for the quickest solution.

What's The Cheaper Option?

The best way to save money when replacing your vehicle’s key is to choose an auto locksmith rather than a dealership. This is because the overheads at dealerships tend to be higher than that of mobile businesses. What’s more, auto locksmiths have all the equipment they need to hand to get you back in your car or to cut a replacement key – dealerships may have to order a replacement, which could take days, weeks, or even months.

Man Inserting A Key To The Car Ignition Switch

What's The Most Convenient Solution?

Specialisation is the fundamental difference between an auto locksmith and a dealership. Car dealerships are multi-purpose businesses, so even though they can unlock your door, that’s not their primary function. The locksmith business model focuses on making things as simple and convenient for clients as possible. The wait will be shorter, and you won’t need to book an appointment or wait in a dealership waiting room. Getting a temporary key won’t require a ride to the dealership either. Instead, all you have to do is sit with your vehicle until assistance comes to you.

In the end, the choice is yours. But if you want more convenience, lower prices and less hassle, you should contact a locksmith.