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Different Types of Modern Auto Keys

Over the years, the automotive industry has seen substantial improvements, especially in terms of vehicle security. A car key, which used to be a simple piece of metal for starting your car, has evolved into a feature-rich, high-tech device focused on keeping your vehicle safe. In this blog, we’ll explore modern auto keys available today, outlining their unique features and services.

Traditional Mechanical Keys: Are They Still Relevant?

While it’s true that the industry is steadily moving towards more sophisticated options, traditional mechanical keys have not entirely lost their relevance. They still serve as a reliable way to lock and unlock older vehicles and can be easily duplicated by key-cutting services. However, when it comes to security, mechanical keys fall short. Unlike modern key technologies, they are susceptible to being easily duplicated or picked up, leaving your vehicle vulnerable.

Transponder Keys: The Intersection of Mechanics and Electronics

Transponder keys contain a small chip that communicates with the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU). When the correct signal is sent, the engine starts.

Security Advantages Over Mechanical Keys

  • Difficult to duplicate due to specific programming
  • More secure as it needs the correct code to start the engine

Services for Transponder Keys

  • New transponder keys can be programmed to match your vehicle’s ECU.
  • Existing keys can be reprogrammed, which is useful if a key is lost or stolen.

Smart Keys: The Future is Here

Smart keys represent a significant advancement in terms of both convenience and security. These keys or fobs allow for keyless entry and ignition start. All you need is the smart key in your pocket to unlock and start your car.

Key Fobs: More Than Just a Remote Control

  • Unlocking and Locking: The most basic function but essential for convenient vehicle access.
  • Boot Opening: Certain key fobs can remotely open the boot, making it convenient.
  • Panic Button: Helps locate your car in a parking lot or draw attention in emergency situations.

Services for Key Fobs

  • Repair or replacement of broken fobs.
  • Reprogramming of existing fobs to add or remove functionalities.

Rolling Code Keys: Dynamic Codes to Elevate Vehicle Security

Rolling codes are a feature in modern keys that change the code transmitted every time the key is used.

Enhanced Security

Rolling codes make it almost impossible for thieves to use code grabbers to intercept and replicate your key’s code, drastically improving vehicle security.

Services for Rolling Code Keys

Services are available for synchronising new rolling code keys with your vehicle or replacing ones that have been lost or stolen.

The Importance of a Backup: Spare Keys and Emergency Services

Losing your primary key can be frustrating and time-consuming, but a spare key can alleviate these problems almost instantly. Many services offer emergency key creation and extraction for those inconvenient moments when your keys are lost or stuck in the ignition.

Optimise Your Vehicle’s Security with All Pro Locksmiths

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