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What To Do If You Lost Your Motorcycle Key

As a motorcycle rider, you might, one day, encounter the dreaded situation of losing your motorbike keys.

Losing your keys can leave you stranded and, worse, without a mode of transport for weeks afterwards if it is your only vehicle. In this article, we detail what procedures to take and how to source a new key if you were to lose your motorcycle key.

What To Do In An Emergency

The first step in a lost key emergency is to not panic and do something reckless. Whilst hotwiring is an option, it is not recommended for the health of your vehicle, and is certainly not an economical solution in the long run.

The process of replacing your key depends on whether it is a mechanical key or an electric fob.

Electric Fob Key

Many new motorbikes come with electronic fobs similar to cars. If this is the case for yours, you will have no other choice but to call a locksmith where you can request a new fob to be reprogrammed.

Contacting your original dealership and giving them your Vehicle Identification Number is another option and will allow them to source a new fob for you.

Traditional Mechanical Key

But, if your key is a traditional metal one, then you will find that replacing it is not only faster but cheaper and requires no need to source a new one from your dealership.

A new key can be cut for you by an auto locksmith within the day if you provide your cylinder code, saving you a lot of money and stress.

Luckily, if you lose your keys while in Port Macquarie, we offer onsite key cutting to get your lost one replaced.

What's Required By The Locksmith?

You will need to locate your ignition cylinder, between the speedometer and tachometer, and check the silver shaft for an engraved code. This is usually three to four digits long and will be essential in helping us cut a key for your vehicle. After you have provided us with a photo or note of the code, all you have to do is pay and relax whilst your key is made.

Whilst traditional metal keys are our speciality, we are also equipped to replace the trickier “smart” keys by extracting the registry data from your ECU (Engine Control Unit) and master key systems if they need recoding.

If you want to take preventative measures to avoid losing your keys, you could invest in key cloning so that you will always have a spare. Here at All Pro Locksmiths, we can discuss this in further detail, alongside any other needs you have about getting new keys or locks for your vehicles in Port Macquarie, New South Wales.