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Why Is My Car Key Transponder Not Working?

Designed as a unique solution to rising theft rates, a car key transponder ensures that every vehicle has a different code that is needed to start the ignition.

If the digital number in the transponder matches the one programmed in the car, the engine will start when the driver turns the key, providing a higher level of security against ‘hot wiring’ and other methods of breaking into and starting the ignition without the key.

However, if your car key transponder has stopped working, there could be a few reasons why. Let’s take a look at these below.

1. Worn-out battery

Your transponder battery will have a lifespan and is likely to wear out over time, which means it will need replacing.

Replacing the battery on a transponder isn’t difficult to do yourself as long as you have some basic tools on hand and know where to find replacement batteries at home improvement stores. Once you’ve switched out the old one with the new battery, make sure both ends are snapped securely into place before putting everything back together again; otherwise, there may be an issue with the electrical connection that prevents the key from working.

If you’re finding you’re having to replace the transponder’s battery every few months, then it could be time to replace the key itself.

2. Internal damage in the key

If your key still doesn’t work after replacing the battery, it’s time to check if the problem is internal. If you have an extra key for your car, try using it to unlock your car by pressing the unlock button first. This will test if it’s the car at fault.

If the extra key works, it’s clear the problem is definitely with your other key and you should organise a replacement key.

3. The transponder isn't programmed correctly

If you’ve bought a replacement key and it’s still not working, the transponder may not be programmed correctly. The most common mistake people make is programming the wrong car or position number.

If all of these fail and you still can’t figure out what the problem is with your car key transponder, it may be a good idea to take your key to your local mechanic or dealership. They can usually diagnose issues quickly and fix them on the spot.

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