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Do You Need A New Key When Replacing An Ignition Switch?

One of the main questions that come up when replacing an ignition switch is whether you need to replace your key as well. The answer depends on the type of vehicle and who is carrying out the replacement.

Do I Need A New Key?

Some cars come with an immobiliser system, which is essentially an anti-theft device. If this system has been activated, then it’s likely your key will no longer work after replacing the ignition switch and you will need to get a new one cut. However, if your car does not have an immobiliser system, then you may be able to use your existing key.

When installing a new ignition switch, make sure to look at the wiring diagram for your specific car model. This will allow you to determine if any wires need to be connected for the switch to work properly. If these wires are connected incorrectly, it could prevent the car from starting even if you have the correct key.

Types Of Keys And Ignition Switches

There are two types of keys and three types of ignition switches you should know about before attempting to replace your ignition switch. There are regular keys, which are the more traditional type, and transponder keys, which have an extra chip embedded in them for added security. Transponder keys must be programmed to your car’s computer for it to start. The three types of ignition switches are standard, anti-theft and push-button start systems.

Do You Need A New Key When Replacing An Ignition Switch?

If you have a standard key and standard ignition switch, then the answer is no — you do not need a new key when replacing an ignition switch. However, if your vehicle has an anti-theft or push-button start system, then the answer is yes — you will either need a new key when replacing an ignition switch, or you’ll need your existing key reprogrammed. This is because these systems require specially coded keys that cannot be duplicated by any other means than having them reprogrammed at a dealership or locksmith.

How Do I Get a New Key?

If you do need a new key for your car after replacing its ignition switch, there are several ways to go about getting one cut. Some dealerships have specialised locksmiths who can do this for you; however, they often charge quite a bit of money for their services as well as additional fees for programming and cutting the key itself. Another option is to find a local locksmith, such as our team at All Pro Locksmiths, who can cut and program keys at a more affordable price.

When replacing an ignition switch, it is important to consider the benefits of working with a professional auto locksmith like All Pro Locksmiths. We can repair and replace your ignition switch, as well as provide fast and affordable key-cutting and programming services. Our team has years of experience with a wide range of car models and security systems, ensuring we can provide prompt solutions for any type of vehicle. Rather than struggling to replace your ignition switch on your own, call us on 0434 060 870 for assistance, or visit our website to learn more about our services.